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The San Diego Science Project (SDSP) serves both San Diego and Imperial County and is a partnership between UC San Diego and the San Diego County Office of Education.  The project is housed within the Center for Research on Educational Equity and Teaching Excellence (CREATE) at UC San Diego and works collaboratively with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the Birch Aquarium.

Alec Barron

Alec Barron is the Director of the San Diego Science Project at UC San Diego CREATE.  In previous roles as a K12 science teacher, an instructional coach, and administrator, he led the design of new curricula, professional learning, and instructional coaching to support NGSS implementation.  Alec has a Bachelor's degree in Chemical Education, a Masters degree in Education, and a Doctorate degree in Leadership for Educational Equity. When not getting nerdy with science educators, he can be found on trails in nature exploring phenomena of our natural world.

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John Spiegel

John Spiegel is a 20+ year educator with a passion for science teaching and learning. Since 2013 he has worked closely with teachers, schools, and districts as they implement the Next Generation Science Standards. In addition to being a co-director of the San Diego Science Project, he is a Director of Curriculum and Instruction at the San Diego County Office of Education. John has a Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. When not working directly with educators, he enjoys being in nature, finding and exploring phenomena around him.