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The San Diego Science Project at UC San Diego co-creates programs and learning hubs to support the interests and needs of science educators throughout the San Diego region.  

Whether it is Earth’s changing climate or new technologies involving CRISPR, science teachers have asked to engage in new learning experiences around content and phenomena that can support their instruction.  The Teacher / Researcher Collaborative events are monthly virtual meetings where science teachers learn about new phenomena with researchers.

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Looking for the most "un-PD" professional learning experience?  Interested in connecting with other science teachers to explore new phenomena and learn with one another?  Join our next meeting to expand your teacher network and recharge your “teacher battery.”

Listening to Waves, a project sponsored by the National Science Foundation, seeks to inspire students to develop a deeper appreciation of both science and sound. We aim to transmit to the students the sense of wonder that we feel towards the sonic world, helping them become aware of the sounds in the environment and draw a connection between the perceptual and physical aspects of sound and music. 


A professional learning series designed to build K-12 teacher’s understanding and skills in designing and implementing a student-centered assessment system in their classroom aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Participating teachers build their assessment literacy skills as they create a vision for student-centered classroom assessment, learn to use tools to analyze assessment tasks, and design equitable formative and summative science assessment tasks.


In partnership with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and the Birch Aquarium at UC San Diego, join one of our in-person events where we explore climate-based phenomena with researchers and learn how to apply the Understanding Global Change (UGC) framework to instructional practices and curriculum development.  

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