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Teacher Spotlight


The Teacher Spotlight program for the San Diego Science Project (SDSP) was created to support and share innovative and exemplary instructional practices and curriculum resources for K12 science instruction. This is rooted in the mission of the SDSP to build and support science educator networks and deliver science resources in response to the interests and needs of educators.  The goal for each spotlight is to show regard for the expertise of teachers and inspire others to implement similar equity-centered instructional practices.


In this program, teachers invite the SDSP for an interview and to learn about an instructional practice or curriculum resource that they and their team have been working to implement.  The story of the practice and resources for implementation are shared with a video and/or blog post.  A micro-grant is awarded to the spotlighted teachers to support efforts to deepen or scale the learning shared. 


With each Teacher Spotlight, the San Diego Science Project (SDSP) is adding to the resources being shared to teachers throughout the region.  It also helps serve the community building efforts in our Communities of Practice.  Spotlights will be shared on the SDSP website blog, email newsletter, and relevant social networks.  In partnership with the San Diego County Office of Education, the Teacher Spotlight productions will be featured in their Science Leaders Network and relevant email communication.

How Does it Work?

  1. Pre-Planning: Select a lesson and/or instructional practice to be featured in a Teacher Spotlight video that can support other teachers with learning how to implement in their own classroom.

  2. Orientation Meeting: Schedule a 30min orientation meeting with the San Diego Science Project to review the lesson and the logistics for the Teacher Spotlight filming. In this meeting, you will select the lesson, the instructional practice being featured, the filming date, and identify the process for media releases for students.

  3. Filming Day: During the filming day, we record the lesson. This requires 1 hour for filming the lesson and 30 additional minutes during the day for a short teacher interview. The teacher interview is used for helping narrate over the video of what was filmed.

  4. Editing: Our team will edit the video and provide opportunities for feedback on what makes it into the final cut.

  5. Blog Post: Once the video is finalized, we will draft a blog post describing the video and share it through our teacher networks.

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