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Climate Champions 

Tackling the climate crisis requires creating climate champions of all ages—people who are educated on climate science, passionate about addressing the climate crisis, and engaged in concrete efforts to “bend the curve” of global warming. Thus, Climate Champions aims to get more teaching, learning, and action on the climate crisis in regional schools. Climate champions leverages the university in service of K12 and community, our team brings together people from UC San Diego CREATE, Birch Aquarium at Scripps, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Education Studies, and the San Diego County Office of Education.

Climate Champions was launched in the Spring of 2020 as part of a pilot project funded by the UC San Diego Social Sciences Climate Action Lab.  Our mission is to advance the recommendations of the UC-CSU ECCLPS and ensure comprehensive climate literacy for all students.  By providing innovative teaching methods and resources, Climate Champions equips teachers with the tools they need to transform their approach to climate education. Through our community of passionate Climate Champions, we strive to empower teachers and students alike to become proactive agents of change in addressing the climate crisis. Together, we are shaping a sustainable future for California by fostering a generation of informed and inspired climate leaders.

What We Do

Work with expert teachers, youth, and university partners to create and curate climate curriculum.

Share climate education resources that meet the needs of students and teachers.

Build a community of committed Climate Champions to bend the curve of global warming.

Meet the team behind Climate Champions and learn more about the vision of this program.


A hub for curriculum resources (e.g., lessons, units, and activities) to support the teaching of climate education in K12.

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The biannual Climate Champions Design Summits support participating teams with learning about a local climate-based phenomenon. From exploration of this phenomenon, teams will learn how to use the Understanding Global Change framework to support constructing models and evidence-based explanations.

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Connect with passionate local groups, volunteer opportunities, and community projects to make a tangible impact in your area. 

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