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Talk Move Table Tents for Science Sensemaking

Updated: May 30, 2023

In this Teacher Spotlight video, we join Melissa Kruse at Lincoln Acres Elementary in National School District. We learn about "talk move" table tents that engage students in science discourse. Science sensemaking is a social process where students use science and engineering practices to build the ideas they need to explain a phenomenon or design a solution. We get to see students sharing ideas with one another while making predictions and conducting an experiment. Embedding strong language routines such as the "talk moves" create equity of student voice and helps ensure everyone is heard and all ideas are valued.

STEAM Talk Moves (2)
Download PDF • 669KB

The table tents used in this video support students with answering, agreeing, disagreeing, and adding on to ideas with their peers. The table tent resource was developed by Melissa Kruse and Cynthia Valle-Lone at Lincoln Acres Elementary School in National School District.



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