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Science of Sound and Music
Train the Trainer Workshop

$150 Stipend for Science Professional Learning and Curriculum Specialists

In these two 90 minute virtual workshop sessions for Science Professional Learning and Curriculum Specialists, you will learn how to use a series of web applications, hands-on learning opportunities, and curriculum resources to playfully explore and create sound. You can use what you experience in this workshop to plan and launch your own workshops to support 8th grade science teachers with teaching the science of sound and music.  Additionally, you will learn how to use the phenomena and resources we share to facilitate workshops of different NGSS-aligned topics (e.g., modeling, science talk, and phenomena driven learning).

This workshop will be facilitated by Dr. Victor Minces, 

neuroscientist of music and sound artist that designed the

web applications, and Dr. Alec Barron, Director of the San

Diego Science Project at UC San Diego. 

Participants are eligible to receive an $150 stipend for

attending the two workshop sessions and completing

light homework before and after event. 

Logistics and Application

The workshop dates and times will be decided based on the responses we get in applications.  For now, we are targeting two 90min virtual sessions that will occur in the afternoon.  Please click the button to the right to apply.

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