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Climate Champions Community of Practice

The Climate Champions Community of Practice (CoP) are monthly virtual meetings via Zoom with other teachers and Teacher Leaders from the San Diego Science Project.  This CoP will focus on resources that support the teaching of climate-based curriculum and how to use the Understanding Global Change framework.


The first Thursday of every month

How to Join

4:30pm via Zoom (Click here to Join)

Meetings will be on the follow dates:

November 2nd

Agenda for Community of Practice Meetings

  • Connections Activity with Understanding Global Change​​

    • Example activities might include:

      • Earth System Shuffle​

      • Earth System Bingo

      • Match the data set to the model

  • Exploring Effective Practices with Teaching Climate and Understanding Global Change

    • Example activities might include:
      • Guest presenters on instructional practices and curriculum resources to use in the classroom
      • Analyzing a curriculum resource (i.e., Lesson, Unit, or Activity) and discussing implementation
      • Analyzing an instructional practice and discussing implementation
  • Open Discussion on Teaching and Learning

    • Creating space for asking questions and sharing ideas​ that supporting teaching and learning of climate in the classroom.

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