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Communities of Practice

Starting in the 2022-2023 school year, the San Diego Science Project (SDSP) will launch 4 new Course-Based Communities of Practice (CoPs).  CoPs position teachers as active agents of improvement and innovation, rather than as passive receivers of knowledge developed by others.  These communities support breaking down walls of solo practice and aim to create safe spaces where teachers learn from and with each other through meaningful, purposeful, and authentic tasks.


  • Develop shared learning experiences for science teachers that support the development of content and pedagogical content knowledge.

  • Create spaces and experiences that develop teacher leadership.

  • Develop structures that connect individual learning to shared learning and to students’ experiences and outcomes.

What Might I do in a Community of Practice?

  • Participate in teacher-led professional learning experiences that excite, engage, and educate participants.

  • Teacher meetings with researchers to learn about a particular field of study through the lens of a published article and share learning within a Professional Learning Community.

  • Connect with other teachers to conduct collaborative inquiry into instruction through Lesson Studies, Teaching Studios, or Action Research projects.

  • Creating an innovative instructional laboratory space to test ideas that come from current and relevant literature.

How do I sign up to participate?


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